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"Stephi performed at my 30th birthday party in Somerset, everyone thought she was amazing and very talented. People have been coming up to me ever since saying how much they loved the bellydancing. It made the party really special and I had no idea quite how difficult bellydancing was until I got up and had a go myself!!! Thanks for that Stephi! Actually, it was great fun and Stephi is a fab teacher... I would recommend the experience to anyone who wants to add something memorable and a bit different to their special event. Thanks Stephi"

~ E, Cornwall


Thank you so much for dancing at my 60th in Cornwall Stephi, having you there really made the evening - the village haven't stopped talking about it since!
~ R, Liskeard, Cornwall 


"Stephi is a fantastic teacher. She is really encouraging and fosters a very inclusive atmosphere in her classes. Great technique and safety are at the core of her teaching with oodles fun and expression thrown in. This mix combined with creative and inspirational choreographies makes for brilliant dance sessions. I feel I have grown enormously as a dancer with the guidance and support of Stephi and cant wait for the next challenge be it a new move, routine or performance opportunity!"
~ K, regular student at Improver classes, Bristol

Stephi is a confident and competent teacher. She will always take the time to make sure you know the moves and that you are executing them safely and properly. She has extensive knowledge of belly dancing techniques and is generous with that knowledge. She is concerned for the wellbeing of her students and will always do a thorough warm up and warm down as well as offer you advice and extra tuition. Stephi helped me through doing my first solo choreographies and performances and I found that I made strides with my progress once I was under her guidance.
~ J, regular student at Improver classes, Bristol

"I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort that you put into the belly dancing workshop. There were very positive comments from both the students and staff. There were also some great success stories for individuals who achieved amazing things way beyond staff expectations. Thank you. We will be calling upon your services next year!"

~ International Coordinator, Fosse Way School, Radstock


"I've been going to Stephi's weekly classes for the last 3 months, during which I have laughed at my own clumsy nature and had a LOT of fun. Stephi is an excellent dancer and watching her is inspirational and I want to learn as much from her as possible. She has a passion for dance that is infectious. As well as learning the individual moves, we've learnt choreographies, which are such fun and it feels like I'm actually getting good (!). I want to continue to learn from her (and get a belly like hers!) and would encourage anyone else thinking about it to come along and give it a go."

~ J, regular student at weekly classes, Bristol


"Hey Stephi - you were brilliant! Thank you so much. I've been doing the routine everyday - my little girls love it! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there's a few who want to join the classes too!"

~ D, Hen party workshop, Bristol

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