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Learning the ancient art of bellydance can have multiple benefits for the individual, those who start often never look back and it quite often becomes an integrated part of their lives.

Discover how to isolate different parts of the body, create shimmies, undulations, layering of movements, combine with steps and learn fun choreographies to uplifting music and move your body in ways you never thought possible! Suitable for all ages, shapes & sizes this dance has multiple benefits, it can be great for improving posture, coordination, strengthening core muscles & overall fitness. Aside from physical benefits it can also be a great confidence booster and mood lifter.

Stephi teaches weekly bellydance classes, 121 sessions, large and small bellydance workshops including bellydance hen/birthday parties and has worked with community groups and schools. She have received fantastic feedback (please see Testimonials) and is described as a fun outgoing teacher whilst demonstrating great technique. She has a relaxed teaching style, ensuring that students feel comfortable to enable maximum learning.

Prior to teaching bellydance, Stephi also taught English in Spain and also studied various teaching and learning theories throughout her degree; she has a good understanding of meeting the needs of different learning styles to enable students to flourish.  Stephi is First Aid qualified.


Weekly Classes

More info coming soon re: classes in the Somerton & Langport (Somerset) areas!! Please contact Stephi to register interest.

Bellydance Introductory workshop in Langport Saturday 21st March!! Please see Calendar on Performance page for further info.

Please contact Stephi for further information on 0770 9433643 or email: [email protected]


BellydanceWorkshops (BRISTOL)

Intermediate/Advanced level Workshops with Stephi are aimed at those students who already have a good grounding in the core moves of bellydance, have been dancing for around 2+ years and are looking to further develop their dance repetoire with more advanced technique, footwork and choreography and tuition on specific styles (see below).   Detailed tuition is provided for beautiful layering technique, turns, combinations, stage presence and performance guidance.  Drills are practised regularly to build the strength & muscle memory to execute the moves with clean precision.   Classes & choreographies cover different styles of the dance including Oriental, Baladi Egyptian Folkloric (Saidi dance with & without cane) and Modern Egyptian Pop. Classes always include a thorough warm up & cool down with specific dance stretches. These classes are highly informative, varied & fun! Stephi can send class video links for you to check if the level is right for you.

Please contact Stephi for further information on weekend Intermediate/Advanced level Bellydance Workshops in Bristol on 0770 9433643 or email: [email protected]

Performance opportunities are readily available with Easton Bellydance Troupe - managed by Stephi, the troupe is formed with students from the intermediate/advanced class and they perform many time a year at different events around Bristol and further afield. For more information please see the Troupe's facebook page here: Easton Bellydance

lease contact Stephi for further information on 0770 9433643 or email: [email protected]


121 tuition

If you are not keen on learning in a class environment or would prefer one on one attention, why not try a 121 bellydance session with Stephi? Tailored to suit your needs, wether you are a total beginner or would like to build on current skills, add more moves to your repetoire,  learn new sequences or a choreography or need assistance with solo performance, 121's are a fantastic way to receive the close support you need to build & advance your dancing skills.

Workshops for Bellydance Events

Looking for a teacher for your Bellydance event or festival? Stephi teaches a great range of topics including choreography, stage presentation, technique, drum solo, egyptian pop & saidi to name a few. She has received great feedback for workshops run at bellydance events, bringing solid technique, clear explanation and innovative ideas to share with students; she is highly approachable & strongly believes students are most confident & open to learning in a relaxed environment.  Student safety is of the utmost importance throughout Stephi's in workshops. Please contact Stephi for detailed descriptions of workshops.  Workshops with live musicians available.



Workshops & Parties

Hen Parties, Birthday Parties......any occasion!!

Stephi's fun workshops include a brief introduction to the origins of Bellydance, breakdown of basic moves and a simple, fun choreography.

Stephi can dress in full bellydance attire and can bring extra coined hipscarfs for some of the group to wear to shimmy away in.

The group can video the dance or take photo's as desired as a memoir of the special day and the CD of music used throughout the session can be given to the special person if it's for a hen or birthday party.

All workshops are tailored to suit requirement and student level.

Please contact Stephi to book or make enquiries about ad hoc workshops or party sessions.


Why not gift somebody with a special a personalised bellydance voucher. ­These can be used for Stephi's weekly classes, a single 121 session, or multiple sessions. Vouchers are beautifully presented and ideal for popping into you birthday, Valentine's, Christmas or Mother's day cards.

Please contact Stephi to enquire about vouchers.

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